Letters to Congress – November – Electoral College

I’ve decided to use my emotions to being a more active constituent.

For each month of this presidency I will write to my representatives about the issues that matter to me. Per this video I will work toward increasing the time capital spent. It starts with hand written letters, and will move toward phone calls.

I will post on fb every month about the issue I’ve written to my representatives about. Please hold me accountable. And please join me in doing the same.

I’m starting with the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. There is a bill in the Michigan Senate.

If you want help finding names and address of your appropriate representatives I will do google fu on your behalf.

Hillary is a martyr now. I will never forget. #alwayswithher

Dear Senator Rebekah Warren,

My name is Monique Rio. I am a piano teacher, indie software developer, and mom of a toddler in Ann Arbor.

I am writing this in the wake of the 2016 election in which the popular vote of our President did not match the results of the electoral college. As our country gets more polarized, I fear that this result will happen again and again.

I know that keeping the electoral college means that candidates spend more campaign dollars in Michigan, but that boost in influence is not worth it. Times have changed. The circumstances that made the electoral college seemingly necessary are not the circumstances today. Every citizen’s vote should be equally valuable.

Therefore, I urge you to support the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. (SB 88)

Thank you for your service.
-Monique Rio

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